Pici integrali grani antichi


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Pici are a typical shape of pasta from southern Tuscany similar to spaghetti but wider, they contain the smell and flavor of the Sienese countryside. Pici, ancestors of spaghetti, have deep roots in history and have been a food of great interest since Etruscan times.
Senatore Cappelli organic durum wheat wholemeal semolina pasta
We pursue a different idea of pasta, grinding the recognized excellence of Senatore Cappelli durum wheat wholemeal; drawing through Bronze the result has peculiar and unique characteristics: undoubted nutritional ones, thanks also to the slow drying, but even more those of the pleasure it gives in cooking and eating it. Chocolate-colored and with an irregular and therefore porous surface, with a tenacious but not stubborn structure, although good with everything. You love a condiment that does not overwhelm it but that accompanies it, a playful contest for the stage of the palate.
INGREDIENTS: Senatore Cappelli organic whole durum wheat semolina, water
NUTRITIONAL VALUES (average per 100 g): Energy 1382kJ/330 Kcal, Fatty Acids 2.2 of which saturated g 0.22 g, Carbohydrates 64.8 g of which sugars 3.0 g, Fibers 7.1 g, Proteins 13 ,3 g Salt 0,02g
STORAGE PERIOD:  18 months
CLOSED LOOP   Average distance between the collection field and the mill-pasta factory: 6 Km
COOKING TIME 20/22 minutes