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Aglione is a variety of garlic. typical of the Val di Chiana. The plant is characterized by cloves much larger than those of common garlic, which weigh 70-80g, and the bulbs normally exceed 500g.
Since ancient times, garlic has been used for curative purposes for neoplasms and abscesses, for diseases of the circulatory system, malaria, infestations of worms and parasites, for lung disorders, as a disinfectant or purgative, for animal bites and for convulsions, fatigue, migraine, insomnia. It protects against toxins and infections, has a diuretic effect, reduces blood pressure… and more.
Sweeter and much less invasive than garlic, it is present in many traditional Tuscan recipes and is essential for pici all'aglione: a very tasty and healthy dish, typical of the Sienese countryside. Try it and you will hardly do without it.